Thursday, August 28, 2014


Having our  Water Mains Replacement in our property made a huge change in the quality of our drinking water, thanks to notorious experts over at plusinek.cullest. Spring water, table, mineral, and perhaps healing? What is the difference? And which one to choose for yourself? Answers can be found here in our article.
spring water:

Synonym of clean water. Spring water comes out free of chemical and microbiological contamination of underground sources. Due to its low mineralization, water is the most secure and may be used by people of all ages.

mineralized water / water table:
It is the water which is not of natural origin. Mineral water, also referred to as the water table is mostly obtained through a combination of spring water, mineral water or mineral salts containing one or more components having physiological importance such as calcium, chloride, sodium or magnesium.
mineral water:

It is clear in terms of microbiological and chemical water underground. Mineral water can contain minerals in an amount that has physiological significance for our body. Because of the level of mineralization of low mineral divided into (up to 500 mg / l) Medium-(contains from 500 to 1500 mg of minerals in one liter of water) and mineralization down to the smallest (here exceeds the level of mineralization of 1500mg / l). Not every mineral water is suitable for everyone, it all depends on its composition.

healing water:
It has a healing effect and brings relief in many diseases, which has been confirmed by tests, but the healing water can be used only after consulting your doctor. The healing waters are those waters of different mineralization - there are those whose level of mineralization is even more than 20 000mg / l

Household water and all other water in our property plays a major role, in fact some people only buy houses if the home is close to a certain water supply.

Updated at 21.07 on 06.09.2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boiler Repairs sometime this year: before 2014 ends

This year, my Boiler repairs objective will be to solve the problem in the London central office.

In February my boiler repairs objective had really called for some action my behalf as the problem has been intermittent, I kept putting it off and before you know the time comes when it is essential and it does not work, believe it  or-not a small thing like that can put a person off from buying a house, when I say-small, I mean in cost compared to a house, of course having a boiler working correctly as often as possible is always the best solution.
For March, my boiler repairs objective was yet again detained as prior to the last month shortly after it was being problematic it began working correctly again. We had a problem in our office in Hanwell which forced us to hold an important meeting with a number of property developers and buyers from all over the country in our central London office. The last thing which was on my mind was fixing it or even thinking it would become a problem, sadly I was faced with the embarrassment of trying to put it right, however I was unsuccessful.

This occasion was the last straw for me; npbhouse had a similar problem and their issues were resolved problem free by an engineer, the boiler repairs expert will see that all present boiler problems are a thing of the past. When the job was said and done everything was working like a dream. I guess many people are guilty for not attending to many problems which exist within their own business as they’re too busy trying to solve other problems of other people, whatever the reason it’s done.

With that problem now out of the way we are going to get down to rectifying all maintenance issues with the properties which we own all over the UK, this time in advance and stay ahead like we do for our customers here and abroad.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Best price paid when selling fast

If you're like me then you're forever looking for the very better price paid  for your property when you're looking for a quick sale. With so many BMV firms offering their services it can be a hard decision to make the right choice, however I can give you some valued advise from a close friend who used best price paid, he found their services to be genuine.

This is unlike many of the other below market value companies (BMV) here in the UK, The best price paid contract is easy to understand with no small print or hidden detail, and above all their honest about their intentions regarding a purchase. Best price paid put their skills into action with a friend who wanted to sell his house fast and he was completely satisfied. I would recommend them to anybody in the UK looking to sell their property quickly.

Selling any house below market value can be fickle business, however if the company offering the service is 100% sincere this eradicates half your panic and avoids you have to use services like Plusinek sell and rent back.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lax Shuttle Sedan for LA Property

I will use the Lax Airport Sedan to help me get to view the house I want to buy in Los Angeles this week.

Lax LA takes the pressure off my hectic schedule, especially when the heat is on for time, in addition to that I feel totally relaxed at each meeting.

“When you travel around LA and you’ve a lot of paper work to sort out which has not been digitized using a bus or train really does take the icing out of the cake, fortunately a professional limousine service reduces this pressure and makes the day a comfort rather than one which is full of deadlines….”

There is no reason for Lax not to be an assistant to anybody in the-property market.

Monday, May 6, 2013

National Homebuyers

Are you looking for a quick sale? You should try National Homebuyers they’ve proven their weight in gold on more than one occasion, if you own a property and you want a quick sale I think they’re a safe bet no matter where your location may be.

If you’ve had your property for sale on the open market National Homebuyers can take it off your hands, their specialty is buying any house irrespective of its condition below the market value price. Whether you’re facing problems with your mortgage lender or the bank, their trained sales team can assist you within 6 working days, this puts them at the top for their speed of purchase. This is a major asset National Homebuyers have at their deposal and frequently put to-use.

The process of a sale has been redefined to work for customers needs, of course National are proud of this and its one of the many things which they do in-the (BMV) property world to stimulate more business by increasing customer satisfaction. This way a huge percentage of new clients come to us by previous customer recommendation which in our opinion is one of the most satisfying rewards for a-growing company.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Important blog post on nhb blog

See my mate Chris’s National Homebuyers getting ready for business in 2013.
Info: Paul Adams from National appears on Plusinek to go into more depth.
Oh, NHB just made it so that Property for Cash will start working closer with the resources made available to them by joining hands with much more marketers in the UK current property market NHB are thrilled by the new move and are eager to progress.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Guten Tag und herzlich willkommen

Düsseldorf ist eine Stadt mit aufregenden Alt-und Neubauten die wir als langjährige Firma "Antikham" schon des Öfteren beliefert haben.  Wir setzen auf natürliche, langjährige, nachhaltige Produkte und sind uns immer treu geblieben und weil wir, in Bezug auf einige Wohnaspekte, mit der Zeit gegangen sind gibt es uns wohl noch.  Wir möchten nämlich nicht nicht mit der Zeit gehen, auch wenn wir streng genommen bekannte Verfechter des Zeitlosen sind. Bei Ihnen in Düsseldorf möchten wir uns auf diesem Wege für Ihre Treue und Ihr Vertrauen bedanken. 

Im Zeitalter des Internets erscheint einem Alles immer direkt und schnell verfügbar zu sein, und auch wir haben uns anpassen müssen, indem wir uns, als Münchner Firma, im Netz jetztauch in Düsseldorf präsentieren.  Was uns jedoch von vielen Anbietern unterscheidet ist der Beratungsaspekt. Da wir uns in einem Bereich bewegen, in dem persönlicher Geschmack und individuelle Wünsche gefragt sind, können wir keinen Warenkorb zur Verfügung stellen.Wir versprechen, dass Ihre Anfragen immer beantwortet werden und sollten Sie in Düsseldorf spezifische Ideen haben sind wir sehr bemüht diese zu erfüllen, weil wir hierfür bekannt sind und uns durch dies auszeichnen.  Ob im Süden Deutschlands, International oder in Düsseldorf im Ruhrgebiet, in allen Orten befinden sich Menschen mit individuellem Geschmack und Wohnstil. Unsere Vollholz Böden zieren etliche Immobilien, Kleine, Große, Denkmalgeschützte, Schlösser, sogar ein Teezimmer in einem Baum. Jeder individuelle Wunsch ist für uns eine freudige Herausforderung, weil wir von der Erfahrungen immer wieder lernen und Sie weitergeben können.

Dank des stetig und fortwährenden Netzwerkes an erstklassiger Lieferanten und Handwerkern sind wir in der Lage realistische und verbindliche Kosten zu errechnen und die Ware einwandfrei und im angegebenen Lieferzeitraum bei Ihnen in Düsseldorf abzuliefern.

Muster von Farbnuancen der Holzböden werden bei seriösen Anfragen natürlich auf Wunsch erstellt und zugestellt und Sie stehen nie alleine da.  Sollten Sie nach Fertigstellung eines Projektes oder Bauvorhabens Fragen haben zu Pflege und Instandhaltung, oder in dem Garten oder der Auffahrt nachträglich einen alten Brunnen wünschen; hierfür sind wir spezialisiert und wir suchen Ihnen was Sie sich vorstellen,auch wenn es nicht auf unserer Internet Webseite abgebildet ist.

Seit einiger Zeit haben wir ein kleines, feines handerlesenes Sortiment an Indischen Möbel und Objekten im Angebot.  Einige antike Indische Türen und Architekturelemente, sowie Dekorative Gegenstände aus Holz und Stein. Diese faszinieren Deutschland weit weltoffene, kulturell Interessierte Menschen und Wir hoffen auch Sie in Düsseldorf.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Short road for first time buyers

At last time Nile West and Mark Mcglashan have found the ultimate solution how to help first time buyers get what they are looking for. Most new home-buyers find it hard to come up with the deposit they require and one of the reasons is their in a job where the salary can just about cover their living far a less save a few pounds on a monthly basis. Fortunately a new source has come about and it can help obtain a property very quickly.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Good School purchased helps students internationally

John has a great list of tips which helped us to sell a house to a new music school

Some of the members which will be studying in the new property will be members of the University of Florida. We are pleased our new purchase is bringing members from many different parts of the world, and the goal from here is to obtain full international recognition.

When we were looking for a house for musicians finding the right location was imperative, firstly we wanted the building that was far away from any houses in the neighborhood, but we also wanted the school to have good access to motorways and to public transport, although this may sound like an easy thing to do it proved to be very time consuming and stressful, however in the long run we are more than happy with the location we have found. The school has lots of space and plenty of modern equipment and a string full of very talented teachers. In addition to that we have had many new students pay a visit and many wish to enroll. I feel pleased with myself and our-team for finding this nothing short of blessing in disguise.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

None stop progress.

One of my goals in life is to progress as well as to be happy. Updated at 15.04 on 22.09.2014 This has resulted in me more recently being involved with much more things to do with maintenance in and around the home. We made  a major investment by changing our water mains and all the pipes in and outside the house, thanks to builders.plusinek and water mains replacement this is now possible.