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Stop Eviction

New! The Stop Eviction will stop you from losing your House to a third party as well as allow you to continue to live in your house.

The Stop Eviction will help you with your property be it a large house, or one room. Knowing we can Stop any form of crisis or resolve it we always get down to work right away by showing in crystal clear and simple documentation to fill in confusion free which allows the process to be problem free. The Stop Eviction Company make positive conditions within a short time frame producing results. We will have your property crisis resolved within seven days easily.

Closing the Deal

The Stop Eviction Company have been in the business for many years and have built good customer clientele as we listen to what customers who are losing their home generally want and try to please them. Our Eviction believe they are the best property lost consultants within the UK what is even more surprising we can price match our competitors and better their price.


The easy way to Avoid Repossession

With Avoid Repossessions you can do what's needed the most and this is to retain your home without the possibility for the bank being able to seize it causing further more disruption to your life. Avoid Repossessions have put there services into action when customers have felt they where facing very difficult situations and all hope had seemed lost. Rest assured the panic needn't settle in when Avoiding Repossessions use their experience.

Our goal is avoiding any possibility of Repossession(s) this is not impossible and once dealt with by the appropriate company such as our ours avoiding Repossessions can be as simple as counting 123 It has bot come over night our ability to avoid home owners facing any form of Repossessions and our avoid skills are frequently put into action to avoid Repossession and when our service is in use you can rest assured that what we do to avoid Repossession(s) works. It means a lot more to our staff than a daily job we also live, eat and breath our work.

Thanks for all the positive feedback that people have given on Avoid Repossessions. If you still want to give us feedback on Avoid, see the original Avoid Repossessions Post for how to do that.


Orpington Property yet another highly desired location residing on the south east side of London a few miles away from the wonderful Petts Wood close to Bromley. Here is a location that people suffer mortgage reclaims as well as Job losses like any other part of the UK. It’s another location where our company was looking to purchase a spot to enhance clientele.

Approach a gret place and the location we has our eye on was a place very close to Petts Wood this had a nice office and the building on top was inclusive of the sale so all in all it had great business potential as it meant we could offer our workers a place to live if need be, this can be very useful providing you as a company do not overuse this facility living on top of the office does not mean they are on standby for all your troubles.

Locals in the area have selected the SR to confide in when they are facing mortgage difficulties and this is an excellent start as its all down to word of mouth.
The Repossession have always wanted their business not just buy someone’s home cheap buy to help to stop them getting in that situation in the first place.

Our Orpington office has already over 200 customers who have confided with the SR due to difficulties they were facing. We guided them with the right path to take as well as show them all the alternatives we have to accommodate their needs.

People have noted that the Repossession have many things on offer rather than just to close a deal and have you in a venerable position. Our customers find Repossession daunting and also nerve wrecking unlike other companies SR do not seek to try and exploit your circumstances to make prophets rather we work things out and are only willing to close a deal when you are satisfied.

After moving to this great location we circulated the whole area so we could see were in great depth we needed to target our true potential business clients, then we laid a party down so they could become familiar with our company this was all in order to make people feel comfortable with approaching us.

Moving forward with our work naturally very excited with the present work flow as well as countless customers enquires its satisfaction for the SR. Knowing what are doing is working the last thing we wish to do is change course for the worst and the Repossession work hard by noting all the steps they make. . This is critical to us, because our clients don’t want us to suddenly change our prices or way of working. .” They have place their faith in us and continue to spread the word around as well as populate

Thursday, May 13, 2010


The Repossession(s) are a Company who stop property owners losing their home to the bank by giving other options allowing them not to stop living in their home.

The Repossession(s) Equity Release deliver a fast reliable service an above all the data is clear with no hidden detail. The Repossession skills and A Quick Sale has made 1000s better off thanks to us. The Repossession(s) UK provide a national service irrespective of where you may live we can buy from those in studio flats one bed room or two bed room apartments or a small house. It really makes no difference. The Repossession(s) will get down to business and produce results and you can finally remove the National/Homebuyers sign for the window.

Years in the business

The Repossession(s) consultants put you through all the necessary steps needed to be taken for you to get your credit problems cured. Repossession can be a daunting experience when you feel all you have worked for is about to be lost. The Repossession can allow you to keep your house and if things become better you can buy it back using our sell house rent back or stop eviction scheme available daily. If you wish to see The Repossession work you can call and speak with one of our property consultants to see how the Repossession can help you.

Quick Property Sale

Quick Property Sale has the leading edge over many companies in the fast house purchase business, we can provide cash for any home in the UK in as quick as 6 working days.

Company quick property sale offers rock bottom prices on all property they have for sale. Many companies within the nature of the property business have tried to compete however unsuccessfully with the way they work but so far have been unable to even come close to gaining the customer popularity and stimulated the business sales needed. It sounds funny but when the first man started the business all he had was a broken down laptop which took forever to open any document and on top of all that living in a hostel as he could not afford to rent a single room to live alone in privacy. Novice

According to present company director and business entrepreneur its a slow process but one must stayed focus with his or her objectives and at all times control what little finance you have, believe it or not if you can control your finance and have a private place to live a computer and internet access and a little income its incredible how far you can go with a good business objective in mind.

Our company policy was simple, we followed a movement by not to be to greedy and never step outside what we do not understand sure others have been successful by doing the opposite and it has worked for them but this strategy adopted by senior director Mark McGlashan the former Claremont high school student he did countless exams all by self study to better his education without the assistance of a teacher. After taking a few knocks in life and having the experience of being down to a single penny and a single zloty living in Poland he had been determined to device a functional strategy finally.

As this is the grounding of my president success as well as experience, we have been formulating a long term strategy also one more robust in the sense little room for mistakes so I decided on Repossession. We had decided to work with another company so we partnered with the Stop company for its reputation.

With so much going on its sometimes a little daunting for customers but our prime objective is to be quick with what we do as well as to show clarity in what each customer has to do. We have fully trained staff team.>

Flat lost prevention

An Apartment Salesin the middle of central London is a prime location if you work in the west end of the UK or the city for that matter. Problem is can one afford to life in such a desirable area as the price of a basic location is more than the average person earns in a month. One has to dig deep into every single resource and found the best possible alternative under the conditions and look for another alternative. If property was cheaper?


The word is the are unquestionably one of the most fairest companies in the whole of the UK and match and better the price of the big names and hold our word with no hidden print or underlining details something way to common to trip the naïve seller.

When we the Stop-Repossession we also offer if sell your house to our company you can rent it back from us. More than often people’s financial conditions become a lot better and when they do the often buy the property back off us at a very fair price with pur sell house rent back.

We do like to run at a prophet something our company is honest about, despite this we also like to be fair as customers are our only business. The SR UK have revived over 1000 customers all over the UK and countless customers have come to us by recommendation which proves people find our service second to none. Stop Eviction Loans are also responsible for the Stop-Repossession all leading to the same thing and also to stop remortgages of your house.


Many of our customers were first time buyers experiencing mortgage difficulties and were struggling and unable to find any solution to resolve their present declining situation

But as our survey shows the same can happen to more mature in people older in age and who have had a mortgage for some considerable time. Under those circumstances the last thing somebody needs is to feel they are being cheated for their life times work. This is where the Stop-Repossession is a godsend not only for what we say but for what we do.


Eton has for many years been known for producing some of the countries finest people. Well so directly but men ruling the UK now and in the pass were former students of their famous prep school. Naturally all coming from their college for boys here we are in 2009 and it continues to still be a goal for many youngsters especially those wanting to go into politics. As time goes by with such history surrounding the school one would gather that the area is a prime spot to live at price those earning a big salary would even consider.

One would ask where does someone begin wanting to buy a flat or a house in eton and normally the answer would be if you happen to be a stock broker have wealthy parents or in a well paid job, if not it just does not happen easy. When something like this does occur it is our prime objective to either pay of the mortgage quickly from our wages or subletting rooms.

We have wanted to setup a property consultant business within the Eton area for many yeas but have been finding it a little difficult to obtain the type of property we really need. Knowing we have a certain type of property in mind we realize this could limit our choice therefore we have placed a longer time band on our objective. As always if you bide your time then what you are looking for does come up. We were fortune to hear the place we wanted was up for sale and they were looking for a cash buyer and this the best thing could have happen to us.

There is nothing like looking for a place that fits the ideal idea you have in mind, even better is its so close to what you want there is no need to spend any money the Stop-Repossession are extremely happy to have found a property which fulfills their needs at no extra cost

The System here in Eton for us is simple this is to have a location that people find no problems to get to with an extremely spacious floor space to work, There is nothing worst than a tiny office that look cluttered, the SR have been in business for to long to neglect such important issues besides when we deal with Repossession after another Repossession the last thing we want is uncomfortable office for our staff or customers here at the SR. Being the open minded team we are we are happy about making the right move with our Repossession company here in Eton and will continue to better our property as well as enhance our business communication. Eton is a place where we are very proud to trade from and in any business the one thing you can always do is make it better if you try.

As well as keeping the SR happy it will also help to completely cut out extra spending for also the Stop-Repossession be able to invest more money within other areas of the company allowing the Repossessions work flow to increase in a better way.

As the Stop-Repossession open a branch in Eton things seem to be coming together. Despite being a lucrative area people still have problems. Its our goal to be able to combat any competitor within this area or around the country for that matter, and produce results as well as give 100% customer satisfaction. . Eton is a great location with plenty business for our consultants therefore we did not want to miss the boat, the SR are a stone throw away from all major shops.

We do lots of research on areas and Eton has always been on the SR list of purchases. Doing the move has done the company good justice after all those focusing on the poor have no idea how the rich operate. The SR never place restrictions on what we do or try to view things in one dimension and being open to change has paid off. . The SR have tried to keep up with the changes and make sure we do things when the SR feel the move they make is at the right time and for the better.

Banking scam

I have really enjoyed my time helping out the Repossessions as this is the way forward and to be a part of the worlds most advanced Stop-Repossession: company in the world is an honour and I continue to contribute to increase better productivity reducing any contact with a bank Repossession.

One of my favourite hidden Stop-Repossession detail is they way they treat all their clients which comes to light as soon as you use them to quicken your house sale.


Honda Scooter had been looking for the best place to sell their products from, and were looking for a permanent location were they could build good customer clientèle as well as stimulate sales online for the smaller products. With so many places on offer and so much variation on price one had to make the right decision which involved careful planning and genuine statistics. Often areas have cheap property but its hard to get customers to go there regular.

Intention is to serve its many customers effectively Honda has a solid reliable team of employees, what's more they are located across the whole area Birmingham, Manchester Wolverhampton and naturally most desired London.

The main point of any shop which relies purely on customers buying goods be at an emergency puncture or a broken chain, people love places that are easy to get too when they need too and here at Honda Scooter the customer is always right. We needed to find the right resource with the right price and we were closing in. In total Honda tried around 100 places all situated in various locations and still no luck finding exactly what they want permanently. Many companies are scattered all around and when you need a part its hard to get hold of it and often the waiting time is long. That's something we wish to change by having every single item in stock always.

Finally as a public company Honda want to stock the bikes in demand but not run a partial service by only keeping a few bits in stock but to have the full AtoZ collection. Also Honda repair rate within 24 hours unless one was doing a complete engine and piston change and even then in some cases its would be ready in 24 hours.

Method Honda will adapt is find someone who understand the property business marketing to the full extent once this done the move they make will be the right one. We gather a team from our work source and the Stop-Repossession company seemed to have what we wanted and so many Repossession after Repossession to choose from immediately. Right away the experts gathered and pinpointed al the relevant solutions plus various options thanks to Stop-Repossession. Within a short space of time Repossession found what seemed to be the perfect working spot. Honda reviewed the place and felt customization to the premises was needed in various parts to accommodate their daily requirements. Honda have been in the business for many years and know what type of building they need and what customers really like so they began implementing changes to ame the ultimate place to sell any bike they want.

With Stop-Repossession Honda Scooter can now compete with

Online sales to any part of the world

Store all parts from one location, tire change in 10 minutes

Can carry out deep repairs and let their customers have the vehicle back within 24 hours

More Importantly Honda feel they can really be successful in this new location as its is close to a tube station and to a bust stop with parking space.

Results "
The Stop-Repossession is a terrific resource when one is looking for a business location. Top to bottom it is very well thought out and they have full support at Honda. After a few months we had everything together and phones are ringing and customers are flowing in one by one and sales are starting to take off too. Training staff is working too.

Honda's entire workforce has benefited from the move all on offer by the Repossession. Its been crucial the move was right and after much time spent debating and worrying the whole thing seems to be falling into place, when we look ahead it seems set to make a huge profit.

The Stop-Repossession return on investment has been wonderful within the online customer support team. This was something before that was not to efficient and we had many complaints so seeing it rectified is an achievement within itself and come to a stop. We now have our customer support so well planned that giving help is done with simplicity what's more complication free. A complete detailed program is written for every scooter we sell and we can refer to each part and we can make it active online so the customer can point out were the problem is and we can be sure we are speaking about the correct part. The Repossession team helped, we are very grateful for their service.


With the Stop working to save people property lost time and time again and they are becoming more and more successful being able to stop any form of lost either the bank or the building society which has made more and more people wanting to use the Stop company to allow them to hang onto to their property and place a final stop to any threat of home lost.

Home owners all over the UK have come to Stop asking them if they can point them in the right direction by putting a Stop to any transactions which are carried out by the bank. We have been able to offer a cash purchase which as proved to be an advantage


An Apartment in the middle of central London is a prime location if you work in the west end of the UK or the city for that matter. Problem is can one afford to life in such a desirable area as the price of a basic location is more than the average person earns in a month. One has to dig deep into every single resource and found the best possible alternative under the conditions and look for another alternative. If property was cheaper?

The word is the are unquestionably one of the most fairest companies in the whole of the UK and match and better the price of the big names and hold our word with no hidden print or underlining details something way to common to trip the naïve seller.

When we the Stop-Repossession we also offer if sell your house to our company you can rent it back from us. More than often people’s financial conditions become a lot better and when they do the often buy the property back off us at a very fair price with pur sell house rent back.

We do like to run at a prophet something our company is honest about, despite this we also like to be fair as customers are our only business. The Stop-Repossession UK have revived over 1000 customers all over the UK and countless customers have come to us by recommendation which proves people find our service second to none. Stop Eviction Loans are also responsible for the Stop-Repossession all leading to the same thing and also to stop remortgages of your house.


Many of our customers were first time buyers experiencing mortgage difficulties and were struggling and unable to find any solution to resolve their present declining situation

But as our survey shows the same can happen to more mature in people older in age and who have had a mortgage for some considerable time. Under those circumstances the last thing somebody needs is to feel they are being cheated for their life times work. This is where the Stop-Repossession is a godsend not only for what we say but for what we do.


If you find that holding on to your home is a problems then the SR may be an option as they have helped many others do the same. The Stop-Repossession have proven their weight in gold on many occasions when families own a house and are on the verge of losing it they really do need the services of the SR. Here in 2010 the situation for home owners has not got any better and the Stop-Repossession continue to be at the aid of all those in need for our services.

There are several options which you can choose from at the Stop-Repossession and one of them being the system known as sell and rent back, this has often been a favoured choose by many home owners when they are facing danger in losing their house.

When you choose a professional company such as the SR such occurrences are simplified with our professional aid which eventually will hopefully work to your advantage for the present and the future.

If you are have problems keeping your house perhaps a visit to the Stop-Repossession may be able to solve the problem as well as work to your advantage.

The Stop-Repossession will work out your property problems like it were underneath a magnifying glass and from there they will increase you financial situation something all part of the way we work here at the sr.


PC Repairs London had been in the computer business for well over ten years and found within the last three years their business had been declining less and less people where wanting to repair a computer when they they came across a problem it seemed cheaper to buy a new one than to fix the problem. Crazy as it may sound as a new virus could be caught in five minutes within buying a new computer.

Starting in 2002, PC Repairs London completed a web design it organise is information better this included another hosting company as well as better content management making the whole structure better.

As the world keeps changing PC Repairs London used SR to stop their company being reppossed by the bank to combat the sudden decline within computer sales in 2008.

PC Repairs London have have repaired in access of over 2000 computers all different makes and all different types of work from motherboard to hard drive repair satisfying customer needs when required.

It really was amazing our shop was constantly packed and we could not keep up with the amount of work customers had us to do therefore we were looking on ways to expand upon our customer service satisfaction we did this by finding faster effective fault finding techniques. It worked.

As the changes had big effects the SR had a look at our bank details and were on standby for any help we may need now.

As changes take place PC Repairs London have found other useful resources such the SR. PC Repairs London could not afford to let they had gained be lost over night and needed to find effective measures which work.

Many professional companies are finding change within profession is needed the SR have help to side step that view and recalculate ideas. Shop owners often did things like incorporate surveillance within the business and music studios things that would encourage buyers to be interested in their ideas and some were totally original and help appeal to new customers. Diskless solutions were also incorporated in the pass but less appealing, only due to coding involved within some operating systems, however people like Ubuntu have simplified its use.

Software programming reducing staff and working alone the Stop-Repossession can maybe not be needed by our company. When problems occur inside ones business one needs to go over every detail slowly with a magnifying glass. The method used by PC Repairs London has been positive.

In addition to making changes within the company we spoke to the SR, PC Repairs London will review its marketing understanding, as well as also stock products asked for and diminish those not needed.

The SR began by improving the way we manage our money and customers this helped PC Repairs London increase all areas of productivity through the whole organization company who understands how to manage money as well as save property loss helps PC Repairs London retain its technological superior.


It is hard to believe but the danger of Repossession touch more and more people this days. The mare fact that your house or flat could be taken of you in Repossession process is a nightmare and majority of us would never want to face that situation. It is easy to say that but our life's and Repossession are not always fully depended on our will. This is why Mortgages are not the safest way to get houses as we could always face Repossession in future.

The reality is that not many of us have enough money in cash to get the property – even a flat, not to mention a house. Repossession could always happen to us but Repossession is also a process which you can predict and prepare yourself for. First of all if you know that in the future you could be in danger of Repossession as you will not be able to pay of your Mortgage in time try to renegotiate your agreement with the bank. Instead of Repossession they could be lenient and allow you to pay smaller instalments for some time or give you a few months lea way. That would give you some time to find the new job.

It is much better to face the bank before they will start Repossession as you will know you have done everything to stop-repossession despite problems with your Mortgage. Repossession does not need to surprise you.


Nottingham known for many things amongst those is its famous university which has been in existence for many years, now high school leavers feature destiny. With emphasis on property within the area this was a huge attraction for several reasons one being its popularity and high volume of students which was resource within itself. The main reason for this is the nature of our business.

In the past Nottingham seemed a little bit limited for our objectives but after careful research we were proven to be very wrong. Often with business despite what others tell you the real experience is to a part of the business in production. The location best suited for our environment naturally was the centre for the usual reason easy accessibility via bus or train.

Our objective is to have an office in every county in the UK a bit like Carphone Warehouse the SR continue to develop their offices as well as build solid customers who have faith in our business. The policies we are adapting as well as the choice of offices we are choosing seem to a huge contribution to things falling into place.
It’s been a long road as we went through some losses to begin with by the way we structured our business now after much redefining we have perfected our technique which now makes us almost perfectionist.

.We consider what we do to unique we consider each individual practically a computer application with an individual task The SR are very proud of what they have achieved over the last decade. We like the idea as visualizing ourselves as intricate software packages.. This allows us to stay focused. Now the SR is in the driver seat with all companies here in the UK we can set the pace for others

We can go back many years and start to look at what we did wrong and now look at what we have changed. All details need to be logged all the changes and the company progress needs to continue in the progressive vein. Sometimes buy not logging the small points you put yourself on the wrong track and only be able to rectify it after countless changes and losses. The right business management software is essential. A local fish and chip shop told Repossessions changing his regular policy he used for years lost him countless customers.

So you have it by an example with our local fish and chip shop owner just how important writing things down are. With the SR we already know the ins and outs of the value of such things which may seem small to the everyday country folk but the difference between existing and going bankrupted. We want to watch and monitor every fine detail and in doing so it has made us the biggest companies in the UK which we intend to stay.


PC Repairs London have been assisting property businesses over many years and have been successful in stimulating good clientèle by organising relevant databases and assuring the computers run efficient and addquit. Whether it be here in London or elsewhere in the world the attitude is the same they constantly aim higher and always find a way to make a company run better and doing so for the better and unlike some for the worst. If you was to implement changes and need advice Please visit our site at PC Repairs

Approach with us PC Repairs London is very simple we look at your budget cut it down see what is needed and accommodate a system to accompany your needs to run your nature of business.

What we offer

The SR is a company ready to take care of any customer having problems repaying their mortgage and wish avoid remortgages or cannot remortgages and face danger losing their home to the Bank also they do not qualify for any form of loan. The SR Solve this problem by using strategic financial system naturally profiting our company but above all the SR can beat and match any other competitor in the whole of the UK. If you are unsure what do under these circumstances we can lead you on the right path and see that you retain your property as well as offer you Sell House Rent back.

We buy your home offering you more money then any other the SR company in the whole of the UK. If you are in Danger of losing your home and have no place to live in you can rent back the home you sold to us and continue to live there and if your circumstances change then you can buy your home back from our company. This is very appealing to many as many people do not have a place to live and they need a convenient but reasonable price resource to save them facing the full impact of losing their home to the bank but same time not fall into the hands of a money grabber

Public Opinion

The SR Consultants have helped over 1000 customers what is more we have been recommended for treating our customers fair and well under the circumstances and certainly bettering any other companies price in the UK. The SR has a fast effective way of working what is more we produce results for our customers needs and retain this before and after the deal is closed. Customer Satisfaction is a prime objective with the SR.

Secure your own property

Many people have been thinking about ways they can secure their own Property in 2010 StopRepossession have organized several schemes which will contribute to give people several options which are appealing to many home owners.

Staff at SR have worked to see all is updated at our SR. learn more about SR help

Finally, it turns out that SR's 2010 Scheme (has proven to be unquestionably unmatchable when compared) to others so if you face a Property disaster SR are there to support you hold on to your Property securely. In less than a year StR have become one of the most trusted Property consultants and SR is continuing encourage more customers to use our service. The SR can buy your home and rent it back to you and you can consider if you wish to buy it back.

How can you help? I’d start with SR's customer information page this will set you out right.

Update, Feb 14 2010: SR have looked into expanding their services to other parts of Europe and have been conducting several test to see what can offered abroad:

Update, Feb 16 2010: SR also gathered more help which which has been a further contribution to SR.


Several people working for a photographic company in Hammersmith London W14 had slowly begun to fell the pressure of losing their job. The main one big cause was the massive popularity of digital photography. This has been a huge contribution to the decline in customers within the lab. With the technology behind this people with home set-ups are able to produce high quality prints


Flat Renting has also felt the affect of business’s as less people can afford to buy the more people begin to rent which has pushed up our clientèle, something any business would welcome. However one thing we find ourselves doing is trying to have broad range of price which can suite everybody’s budget. Some people are on £200:00 a week take home paying above £80:00 a week means they have very little for themselves so have been incorporating room sharing as well as breakfast and dinner deals.


Many workers were losing there home and choose the SR to see if they could help resolve such devastating crisis. Once they became familiar with our company the pressure was eased, The SR have many alternatives rather than to give your home to the bank and completely lose your house and owe lots of money which could take years to settle. Results

Flat Renting has more than a thousand customers using their service the SR has been balancing crisis with them. When you are business having the perfect team mates is so important understanding this we try to always accommodate our customer’s wishes as well as provide useful alternatives.

Our customers notes that the SR service has record response time plus no small print also we are extremely profession and above all totally efficient. Our customers love Repossession system we use and continue to do business with us on a regular basis as the like the Repossessions speedy service as its exactly what people need when they fear a Repossession, also its where we show are strength.

Mark and his workers have customized a effective also positive solution which can help people achieve their objective. Repossessions have been occurring far to frequently as there as been very few reasonable alternatives. Most customers aften come in in tears as they know just what they have put into being able to purchase their property.

Moving forward we have developed a team which few can match and above all we Stop what we had intended to stop allowing the customer to go forward. Increasing our knowledge within management is a real step in the right direction for the SR it has been absolutely wonderful to its clients and that is not self praise see and ask for yourself. Our policy is to work quickly as well as accurately which plays a critical role to our customers. We wish to continue and to better what we do also to become the most favoured company who deal with the SR.

Nice coffee after the holidays

Going back a little while you may recall Green Coffee being a favourite place of mine as well as a place ideas about doing good things come whilst Coffee drinking with other SR members. It can happen at the SR that we like to speak with some of our clients over a coffee, this indicates just how relaxed the atmosphere is with our staff.

If you feel you have been facing a problem with mortgage repayment then let the SR help you get your life back together and be able to enjoy the freedom of being a property owner without being fear, and if that is not at all possible then do not forget the offer we have sell and rent back which has proven to be equally as appealing at the SR.

Tenant problems


Being a Tenant is sometimes daunting as you always feel you are paying for place to live which is never going to be yours. If the price is fair then one cant complain but when it increases within a short space of time and you know it will go higher again there is a problem. Sure if you take a high salary and you are as good as your next wages then its okay. It’s nice to know you have a nice sum of cash stowed away and for a rainy day and you do not feel ripped off.


Where is the respect if your entire belongings is thrown to the street in front of your friends, neighbours and alien people? WE was finding families threaten by the law in the property market.

We were making demonstrations in big cities, showing photos of families living under bridges after eviction, presenting videos in parliament in hope that they would change the law. The SR organization changed little in those times, the law of eviction stopped to be very rigid and restricted. It was this what we won as the party.

I will never forget hundreds of Tenant members, students, workers, teachers, clerks, everybody united to fight to the SR of poor people. We were on tv and the news, also there were many articles written about us in newspapers and magazines, our leaders were often participating public debates, discussions and interviews to present the problem to the SR in our land. Simply it was a cruel procedure.

I know and I understand that the state clerk is only the executor of law given by parliament, but they were not interested to take some action to the SR they were asked for. It was maybe only their job, but I would never accept such position to deprive people and families of their houses. If this house is sold to somebody who has more money and is able to pay the state mortgage and fees in right level of payment.

Our System

The SR was collecting money to pay part of the debt if it could help to postpone the threat of eviction. Its other objective within the propeerty field was helping to find job for unemployed people that they would start to earn money to be able pay for their house. As the SR organization we were nominated to get the famous Nobel peace price, but we did not get, the most important thing needed. The law was changed and many people were saved from eviction and were thanking us very much for our help.

Last time then Police wanted to beat us using force as we were obstructing them not to get into one of the houses, but they brought special police units to remove us. As the SR member I had problems to find work, but after few months I found firm which accepted me and my boss was thinking the same as me, until now we have the same opinions how to the SR and support the poorer people of our society. Human is just human, we should help each other and for the SR party it was rule number one.

Zoom in

The Property Consultants and SR concentrate very much on the areas where they feel incompetent in business.

Our goal is to Zoom in an be successful period.

The SR do not deal with renting rooms and flats or buying and selling homes directly they solve property loss. When people deal with our company they always pass the word around so the majority of our customers are word of mouth. Its been a long hard road tidying our business making ideally tailored for what we do despite this the outcome has been worth it.

We love the fact that there is no mystery with our contracts its all in big words and as simple as what you see.

This has encouraged those who used our service to instantly place a little faith with what we do
If you are using SR to solve your property loss issues then you will be happy with our system.

No shortcuts no tricks just pure honesty.

We have all the work sorted out in less than 7 days in many cases you can continue to live in your home.