Thursday, May 13, 2010


Eton has for many years been known for producing some of the countries finest people. Well so directly but men ruling the UK now and in the pass were former students of their famous prep school. Naturally all coming from their college for boys here we are in 2009 and it continues to still be a goal for many youngsters especially those wanting to go into politics. As time goes by with such history surrounding the school one would gather that the area is a prime spot to live at price those earning a big salary would even consider.

One would ask where does someone begin wanting to buy a flat or a house in eton and normally the answer would be if you happen to be a stock broker have wealthy parents or in a well paid job, if not it just does not happen easy. When something like this does occur it is our prime objective to either pay of the mortgage quickly from our wages or subletting rooms.

We have wanted to setup a property consultant business within the Eton area for many yeas but have been finding it a little difficult to obtain the type of property we really need. Knowing we have a certain type of property in mind we realize this could limit our choice therefore we have placed a longer time band on our objective. As always if you bide your time then what you are looking for does come up. We were fortune to hear the place we wanted was up for sale and they were looking for a cash buyer and this the best thing could have happen to us.

There is nothing like looking for a place that fits the ideal idea you have in mind, even better is its so close to what you want there is no need to spend any money the Stop-Repossession are extremely happy to have found a property which fulfills their needs at no extra cost

The System here in Eton for us is simple this is to have a location that people find no problems to get to with an extremely spacious floor space to work, There is nothing worst than a tiny office that look cluttered, the SR have been in business for to long to neglect such important issues besides when we deal with Repossession after another Repossession the last thing we want is uncomfortable office for our staff or customers here at the SR. Being the open minded team we are we are happy about making the right move with our Repossession company here in Eton and will continue to better our property as well as enhance our business communication. Eton is a place where we are very proud to trade from and in any business the one thing you can always do is make it better if you try.

As well as keeping the SR happy it will also help to completely cut out extra spending for also the Stop-Repossession be able to invest more money within other areas of the company allowing the Repossessions work flow to increase in a better way.

As the Stop-Repossession open a branch in Eton things seem to be coming together. Despite being a lucrative area people still have problems. Its our goal to be able to combat any competitor within this area or around the country for that matter, and produce results as well as give 100% customer satisfaction. . Eton is a great location with plenty business for our consultants therefore we did not want to miss the boat, the SR are a stone throw away from all major shops.

We do lots of research on areas and Eton has always been on the SR list of purchases. Doing the move has done the company good justice after all those focusing on the poor have no idea how the rich operate. The SR never place restrictions on what we do or try to view things in one dimension and being open to change has paid off. . The SR have tried to keep up with the changes and make sure we do things when the SR feel the move they make is at the right time and for the better.

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