Thursday, May 13, 2010


Honda Scooter had been looking for the best place to sell their products from, and were looking for a permanent location were they could build good customer clientèle as well as stimulate sales online for the smaller products. With so many places on offer and so much variation on price one had to make the right decision which involved careful planning and genuine statistics. Often areas have cheap property but its hard to get customers to go there regular.

Intention is to serve its many customers effectively Honda has a solid reliable team of employees, what's more they are located across the whole area Birmingham, Manchester Wolverhampton and naturally most desired London.

The main point of any shop which relies purely on customers buying goods be at an emergency puncture or a broken chain, people love places that are easy to get too when they need too and here at Honda Scooter the customer is always right. We needed to find the right resource with the right price and we were closing in. In total Honda tried around 100 places all situated in various locations and still no luck finding exactly what they want permanently. Many companies are scattered all around and when you need a part its hard to get hold of it and often the waiting time is long. That's something we wish to change by having every single item in stock always.

Finally as a public company Honda want to stock the bikes in demand but not run a partial service by only keeping a few bits in stock but to have the full AtoZ collection. Also Honda repair rate within 24 hours unless one was doing a complete engine and piston change and even then in some cases its would be ready in 24 hours.

Method Honda will adapt is find someone who understand the property business marketing to the full extent once this done the move they make will be the right one. We gather a team from our work source and the Stop-Repossession company seemed to have what we wanted and so many Repossession after Repossession to choose from immediately. Right away the experts gathered and pinpointed al the relevant solutions plus various options thanks to Stop-Repossession. Within a short space of time Repossession found what seemed to be the perfect working spot. Honda reviewed the place and felt customization to the premises was needed in various parts to accommodate their daily requirements. Honda have been in the business for many years and know what type of building they need and what customers really like so they began implementing changes to ame the ultimate place to sell any bike they want.

With Stop-Repossession Honda Scooter can now compete with

Online sales to any part of the world

Store all parts from one location, tire change in 10 minutes

Can carry out deep repairs and let their customers have the vehicle back within 24 hours

More Importantly Honda feel they can really be successful in this new location as its is close to a tube station and to a bust stop with parking space.

Results "
The Stop-Repossession is a terrific resource when one is looking for a business location. Top to bottom it is very well thought out and they have full support at Honda. After a few months we had everything together and phones are ringing and customers are flowing in one by one and sales are starting to take off too. Training staff is working too.

Honda's entire workforce has benefited from the move all on offer by the Repossession. Its been crucial the move was right and after much time spent debating and worrying the whole thing seems to be falling into place, when we look ahead it seems set to make a huge profit.

The Stop-Repossession return on investment has been wonderful within the online customer support team. This was something before that was not to efficient and we had many complaints so seeing it rectified is an achievement within itself and come to a stop. We now have our customer support so well planned that giving help is done with simplicity what's more complication free. A complete detailed program is written for every scooter we sell and we can refer to each part and we can make it active online so the customer can point out were the problem is and we can be sure we are speaking about the correct part. The Repossession team helped, we are very grateful for their service.

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