Thursday, May 13, 2010


PC Repairs London had been in the computer business for well over ten years and found within the last three years their business had been declining less and less people where wanting to repair a computer when they they came across a problem it seemed cheaper to buy a new one than to fix the problem. Crazy as it may sound as a new virus could be caught in five minutes within buying a new computer.

Starting in 2002, PC Repairs London completed a web design it organise is information better this included another hosting company as well as better content management making the whole structure better.

As the world keeps changing PC Repairs London used SR to stop their company being reppossed by the bank to combat the sudden decline within computer sales in 2008.

PC Repairs London have have repaired in access of over 2000 computers all different makes and all different types of work from motherboard to hard drive repair satisfying customer needs when required.

It really was amazing our shop was constantly packed and we could not keep up with the amount of work customers had us to do therefore we were looking on ways to expand upon our customer service satisfaction we did this by finding faster effective fault finding techniques. It worked.

As the changes had big effects the SR had a look at our bank details and were on standby for any help we may need now.

As changes take place PC Repairs London have found other useful resources such the SR. PC Repairs London could not afford to let they had gained be lost over night and needed to find effective measures which work.

Many professional companies are finding change within profession is needed the SR have help to side step that view and recalculate ideas. Shop owners often did things like incorporate surveillance within the business and music studios things that would encourage buyers to be interested in their ideas and some were totally original and help appeal to new customers. Diskless solutions were also incorporated in the pass but less appealing, only due to coding involved within some operating systems, however people like Ubuntu have simplified its use.

Software programming reducing staff and working alone the Stop-Repossession can maybe not be needed by our company. When problems occur inside ones business one needs to go over every detail slowly with a magnifying glass. The method used by PC Repairs London has been positive.

In addition to making changes within the company we spoke to the SR, PC Repairs London will review its marketing understanding, as well as also stock products asked for and diminish those not needed.

The SR began by improving the way we manage our money and customers this helped PC Repairs London increase all areas of productivity through the whole organization company who understands how to manage money as well as save property loss helps PC Repairs London retain its technological superior.

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