Thursday, May 13, 2010


Nottingham known for many things amongst those is its famous university which has been in existence for many years, now high school leavers feature destiny. With emphasis on property within the area this was a huge attraction for several reasons one being its popularity and high volume of students which was resource within itself. The main reason for this is the nature of our business.

In the past Nottingham seemed a little bit limited for our objectives but after careful research we were proven to be very wrong. Often with business despite what others tell you the real experience is to a part of the business in production. The location best suited for our environment naturally was the centre for the usual reason easy accessibility via bus or train.

Our objective is to have an office in every county in the UK a bit like Carphone Warehouse the SR continue to develop their offices as well as build solid customers who have faith in our business. The policies we are adapting as well as the choice of offices we are choosing seem to a huge contribution to things falling into place.
It’s been a long road as we went through some losses to begin with by the way we structured our business now after much redefining we have perfected our technique which now makes us almost perfectionist.

.We consider what we do to unique we consider each individual practically a computer application with an individual task The SR are very proud of what they have achieved over the last decade. We like the idea as visualizing ourselves as intricate software packages.. This allows us to stay focused. Now the SR is in the driver seat with all companies here in the UK we can set the pace for others

We can go back many years and start to look at what we did wrong and now look at what we have changed. All details need to be logged all the changes and the company progress needs to continue in the progressive vein. Sometimes buy not logging the small points you put yourself on the wrong track and only be able to rectify it after countless changes and losses. The right business management software is essential. A local fish and chip shop told Repossessions changing his regular policy he used for years lost him countless customers.

So you have it by an example with our local fish and chip shop owner just how important writing things down are. With the SR we already know the ins and outs of the value of such things which may seem small to the everyday country folk but the difference between existing and going bankrupted. We want to watch and monitor every fine detail and in doing so it has made us the biggest companies in the UK which we intend to stay.

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