Saturday, May 22, 2010


Orpington Property yet another highly desired location residing on the south east side of London a few miles away from the wonderful Petts Wood close to Bromley. Here is a location that people suffer mortgage reclaims as well as Job losses like any other part of the UK. It’s another location where our company was looking to purchase a spot to enhance clientele.

Approach a gret place and the location we has our eye on was a place very close to Petts Wood this had a nice office and the building on top was inclusive of the sale so all in all it had great business potential as it meant we could offer our workers a place to live if need be, this can be very useful providing you as a company do not overuse this facility living on top of the office does not mean they are on standby for all your troubles.

Locals in the area have selected the SR to confide in when they are facing mortgage difficulties and this is an excellent start as its all down to word of mouth.
The Repossession have always wanted their business not just buy someone’s home cheap buy to help to stop them getting in that situation in the first place.

Our Orpington office has already over 200 customers who have confided with the SR due to difficulties they were facing. We guided them with the right path to take as well as show them all the alternatives we have to accommodate their needs.

People have noted that the Repossession have many things on offer rather than just to close a deal and have you in a venerable position. Our customers find Repossession daunting and also nerve wrecking unlike other companies SR do not seek to try and exploit your circumstances to make prophets rather we work things out and are only willing to close a deal when you are satisfied.

After moving to this great location we circulated the whole area so we could see were in great depth we needed to target our true potential business clients, then we laid a party down so they could become familiar with our company this was all in order to make people feel comfortable with approaching us.

Moving forward with our work naturally very excited with the present work flow as well as countless customers enquires its satisfaction for the SR. Knowing what are doing is working the last thing we wish to do is change course for the worst and the Repossession work hard by noting all the steps they make. . This is critical to us, because our clients don’t want us to suddenly change our prices or way of working. .” They have place their faith in us and continue to spread the word around as well as populate

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