Thursday, May 13, 2010


Several people working for a photographic company in Hammersmith London W14 had slowly begun to fell the pressure of losing their job. The main one big cause was the massive popularity of digital photography. This has been a huge contribution to the decline in customers within the lab. With the technology behind this people with home set-ups are able to produce high quality prints


Flat Renting has also felt the affect of business’s as less people can afford to buy the more people begin to rent which has pushed up our clientèle, something any business would welcome. However one thing we find ourselves doing is trying to have broad range of price which can suite everybody’s budget. Some people are on £200:00 a week take home paying above £80:00 a week means they have very little for themselves so have been incorporating room sharing as well as breakfast and dinner deals.


Many workers were losing there home and choose the SR to see if they could help resolve such devastating crisis. Once they became familiar with our company the pressure was eased, The SR have many alternatives rather than to give your home to the bank and completely lose your house and owe lots of money which could take years to settle. Results

Flat Renting has more than a thousand customers using their service the SR has been balancing crisis with them. When you are business having the perfect team mates is so important understanding this we try to always accommodate our customer’s wishes as well as provide useful alternatives.

Our customers notes that the SR service has record response time plus no small print also we are extremely profession and above all totally efficient. Our customers love Repossession system we use and continue to do business with us on a regular basis as the like the Repossessions speedy service as its exactly what people need when they fear a Repossession, also its where we show are strength.

Mark and his workers have customized a effective also positive solution which can help people achieve their objective. Repossessions have been occurring far to frequently as there as been very few reasonable alternatives. Most customers aften come in in tears as they know just what they have put into being able to purchase their property.

Moving forward we have developed a team which few can match and above all we Stop what we had intended to stop allowing the customer to go forward. Increasing our knowledge within management is a real step in the right direction for the SR it has been absolutely wonderful to its clients and that is not self praise see and ask for yourself. Our policy is to work quickly as well as accurately which plays a critical role to our customers. We wish to continue and to better what we do also to become the most favoured company who deal with the SR.

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