Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tenant problems


Being a Tenant is sometimes daunting as you always feel you are paying for place to live which is never going to be yours. If the price is fair then one cant complain but when it increases within a short space of time and you know it will go higher again there is a problem. Sure if you take a high salary and you are as good as your next wages then its okay. It’s nice to know you have a nice sum of cash stowed away and for a rainy day and you do not feel ripped off.


Where is the respect if your entire belongings is thrown to the street in front of your friends, neighbours and alien people? WE was finding families threaten by the law in the property market.

We were making demonstrations in big cities, showing photos of families living under bridges after eviction, presenting videos in parliament in hope that they would change the law. The SR organization changed little in those times, the law of eviction stopped to be very rigid and restricted. It was this what we won as the party.

I will never forget hundreds of Tenant members, students, workers, teachers, clerks, everybody united to fight to the SR of poor people. We were on tv and the news, also there were many articles written about us in newspapers and magazines, our leaders were often participating public debates, discussions and interviews to present the problem to the SR in our land. Simply it was a cruel procedure.

I know and I understand that the state clerk is only the executor of law given by parliament, but they were not interested to take some action to the SR they were asked for. It was maybe only their job, but I would never accept such position to deprive people and families of their houses. If this house is sold to somebody who has more money and is able to pay the state mortgage and fees in right level of payment.

Our System

The SR was collecting money to pay part of the debt if it could help to postpone the threat of eviction. Its other objective within the propeerty field was helping to find job for unemployed people that they would start to earn money to be able pay for their house. As the SR organization we were nominated to get the famous Nobel peace price, but we did not get, the most important thing needed. The law was changed and many people were saved from eviction and were thanking us very much for our help.

Last time then Police wanted to beat us using force as we were obstructing them not to get into one of the houses, but they brought special police units to remove us. As the SR member I had problems to find work, but after few months I found firm which accepted me and my boss was thinking the same as me, until now we have the same opinions how to the SR and support the poorer people of our society. Human is just human, we should help each other and for the SR party it was rule number one.

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