Thursday, August 28, 2014


Having our  Water Mains Replacement in our property made a huge change in the quality of our drinking water, thanks to notorious experts over at plusinek.cullest. Spring water, table, mineral, and perhaps healing? What is the difference? And which one to choose for yourself? Answers can be found here in our article.
spring water:

Synonym of clean water. Spring water comes out free of chemical and microbiological contamination of underground sources. Due to its low mineralization, water is the most secure and may be used by people of all ages.

mineralized water / water table:
It is the water which is not of natural origin. Mineral water, also referred to as the water table is mostly obtained through a combination of spring water, mineral water or mineral salts containing one or more components having physiological importance such as calcium, chloride, sodium or magnesium.
mineral water:

It is clear in terms of microbiological and chemical water underground. Mineral water can contain minerals in an amount that has physiological significance for our body. Because of the level of mineralization of low mineral divided into (up to 500 mg / l) Medium-(contains from 500 to 1500 mg of minerals in one liter of water) and mineralization down to the smallest (here exceeds the level of mineralization of 1500mg / l). Not every mineral water is suitable for everyone, it all depends on its composition.

healing water:
It has a healing effect and brings relief in many diseases, which has been confirmed by tests, but the healing water can be used only after consulting your doctor. The healing waters are those waters of different mineralization - there are those whose level of mineralization is even more than 20 000mg / l

Household water and all other water in our property plays a major role, in fact some people only buy houses if the home is close to a certain water supply.

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